Episode 19: 5-Minute Practice to Shift You Into Clarity, Confidence, and Certainty

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  • As entrepreneurs, we’ve most likely learned about lots of productivity tips. There is one concept of time that when you understand and experience it at a deeper level, can skyrocket your productivity and creative time – among many other things.
  • This is Anna Dornier and I am with, Mubarak Nsekerije, and welcome to episode 19 of Organic Reach X.
  • So, Mubarak, what is this one concept of time that we are talking about here?
  • Living in the present moment and why is it important? We can only create in the present. Any time we spend thinking about the past or future is wasted time.
  • Exercises/practices to help shift you into the present moment. Freeze/Frame technique. Refer to Reverse Engineering Success training.
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