Episode 19: 5-Minute Practice to Shift You Into Clarity, Confidence, and Certainty


  • As entrepreneurs, we’ve most likely learned about lots of productivity tips. There is one concept of time that when you understand and experience it at a deeper level, can skyrocket your productivity and creative time – among many other things.
  • This is Anna Dornier and I am with, Mubarak Nsekerije, and welcome to episode 19 of Organic Reach X.
  • So, Mubarak, what is this one concept of time that we are talking about here?
  • Living in the present moment and why is it important? We can only create in the present. Any time we spend thinking about the past or future is wasted time.
  • Exercises/practices to help shift you into the present moment. Freeze/Frame technique. Refer to Reverse Engineering Success training.
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About the Authors


From bankruptcy to being a vortex of abundance, Anna’s unique combination of spiritual and business gifts helps you find the balance to design your dream lifestyle.


From security guard turned entrepreneur and business coach, Mubarak brings out your innate potential through his outstanding ability to ask the right questions to bring you to your next breakthrough