Episode 13: A Marketing System that Runs 24/7 (Part 2)


  • So, from the last episode, you learned about the power of integrated marketing and how it can help your business continuously have access to unlimited leads without having to rely on just social media platforms. But, when you are presented with an integrated marketing deal, how can you predict that it’s going to be profitable for you?
  • Welcome back to part 2 of “A Marketing System that runs on 24/7.” This is episode 13 of Organic Reach X.
  • Today, we’re going to talk about “predictive math” and how you can use it to determine if a deal you’re about to do with an integrated marketing partner will have a profitable ROI.
  • Now, do not let the word “math” scare you because we have an Excel sheet that you can download to help you with this. Just plug in your numbers and voila, you’ll have your answer. So, if you haven’t downloaded the slides and that sheet, now would be a good time to do so.
  • If you’re listening to this via your podcast app, be sure to download the slides and follow along. You may also watch this same training on our Youtube channel. Check out the show notes for the resources and the links.
  • Watch the full episode with visuals on our Youtube channel by clicking HERE.
  • Download the slides by clicking HERE.

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