Episode 22: Preparation or Opportunity: Which One Comes First?


  • In this episode, we will share with you how you can overcome this type of situation. 
  • In this episode, Mubarak and Anna chat about preparation or opportunity, and they answer the question: “Would you rather be prepared and have the opportunity or find the opportunity first without being prepared?” 
  • Like Anna and Mubarak, who decided to seize the chance to collaborate to do this business even if they weren’t clear on exactly what they were doing at first. They found that the moment that you show up, you are already prepared because life is not about what happens to you but what you do to deal with or overcome the challenges or situations that come up once you show up!  
  • Always show up and be present at every opportunity because we can only create when we are in the present moment. Don’t worry so much if someone doesn’t value what you are doing. Just stay focused on your mission & purpose and continue creating. One day you will be shocked that everything is exactly where it is supposed to be because you took that risk that changed your life forever.  
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About the Authors


From bankruptcy to being a vortex of abundance, Anna’s unique combination of spiritual and business gifts helps you find the balance to design your dream lifestyle.


From security guard turned entrepreneur and business coach, Mubarak brings out your innate potential through his outstanding ability to ask the right questions to bring you to your next breakthrough