Episode 3: How to Set Financial Goals that Are Aligned with Your Vision (Part 2)


  • Dealing with numbers in your business may be the most “un-fun,” boring task for you. But, we promise that when you approach your numbers from this perspective that you will start to have more clarity as to the little things you’ll need to focus on daily that will move the needle in your business.
  • Time to get real and honest with ourselves.
  • List your business expenses.
  • Write down all of the products or services you offer and project a monthly revenue you’d want to achieve based on the amount you came up with from part
  • Be specific with the quantities of each product/service you want to sell.
  • Compare your needed monthly revenue to the projected monthly revenue. Projected should meet the needed amount.
  • Set some minimums for your: cash reserve/savings account, business operating account. Make these a conscious part of your goal. This can be your new zero.
  • Be sure to download the template with examples and use them as soon as you can before you move on to the next episode. This concept will really come together for you on our last episode of this series so that your actions can truly be aligned to your mental and emotional goals which create more harmony in your life and relationships!
  • Watch the full episode with visuals on our Youtube channel by clicking HERE.
  • Download the slides by clicking HERE.

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From bankruptcy to being a vortex of abundance, Anna’s unique combination of spiritual and business gifts helps you find the balance to design your dream lifestyle.


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