Episode 4: How to Set Financial Goals that Are Aligned with Your Vision (Part 3)


  • A lot of entrepreneurs tend to fear the “S” word. What word is this you ask? SALES
  • Yet sales can solve all your business problems (comment on what these are) not just cash flow. It will also give you more room to grow and expand!
  • Now that you’ve done parts 1 and 2 of this training series, you’re ready to apply what you’ve got so you can plan your focused and aligned daily activities. This makes a huge difference in whether or not you move the needle in your business every single day!
  • Go through tab 3 of the spreadsheet:
    ORNL Sample 3-Part Aligned Goal Setting
  • Be sure to download the template if you haven’t already and start to play around with your numbers. If needed, you may want to look through some of the data you have in your business and plug in some real numbers so you can what your baseline is.
  • Once you put a # to your daily activities, you will be more at ease and focus and you’ll experience more harmony in your daily life.  And who doesn’t want more of that?!
  • Watch the full episode with visuals on our Youtube channel by clicking HERE.
  • Download the slides by clicking HERE.

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