Episode 21: Learning from the Energy of Giving vs. Sharing


  • Have you ever tried to share or give? How does each differ in your perception?

  • In this episode, we made a choice to be organic and see what we come up with about the subject of giving versus sharing.

  • Can you see where sharing is a win-win situation whereas giving can create a lack of mentality? For example, sharing toys with our siblings or cousins is mutually beneficial since both parties enjoy it and gain from it. Also, sharing the lessons and wisdom you’ve gained through a business and promoting such a business will help those that are currently struggling with those challenges you overcame.

  • In Mubarak’s view, sharing entails helping someone else by offering something rather than just providing something and being left with nothing. Sharing shows compassion towards whomever you are sharing it with. He lives by the mantra that if you show up and share, you will shine!

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About the Authors


From bankruptcy to being a vortex of abundance, Anna’s unique combination of spiritual and business gifts helps you find the balance to design your dream lifestyle.


From security guard turned entrepreneur and business coach, Mubarak brings out your innate potential through his outstanding ability to ask the right questions to bring you to your next breakthrough