Episode 2: How to Set Financial Goals that Are Aligned with Your Vision (Part 1)


  • Setting random financial goals for your business because you thought the amount sounded nice to have is a sure way to never achieve them.
  • Anna’s story about the ocean view she’s always wanted to how it changed when she got clear on what she really wanted (Maybe Mubarak has a story for this too?)
  • Reverse engineering your financial goals using the “Have, Do, Be Exercise”
  • Achieving balance and focus by picking your priorities. Consistency in doing the right things in the right order builds things (whatever it is you want to build).
  • From this part 1 exercise, take note of the monthly amount you’ll need to achieve your goals.
  • Tips to align your goals to your mental and emotional goals.
  • Big idea: Your BE goals are priceless yet they are the most valuable of all!
  • We created this system so you can start from a place of alignment. Be sure to download the template with examples and use them as soon as you can before you move on to the next episode.
  • Watch the full episode with visuals on our Youtube channel by clicking HERE.
  • Download the slides by clicking HERE.

About the Authors


From bankruptcy to being a vortex of abundance, Anna’s unique combination of spiritual and business gifts helps you find the balance to design your dream lifestyle.


From security guard turned entrepreneur and business coach, Mubarak brings out your innate potential through his outstanding ability to ask the right questions to bring you to your next breakthrough